Term Project

CSSE 120: Fundamentals of Software Development I

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Links to implementations of the game SET®:


Event Date
Teams Assigned Thursday, Feb 5
Project Plan Due Monday, Feb 9
High-level design (including a UML class diagram) Tuesday, Feb 10
Milestone 1 Thursday, Feb 12
Milestone 2 Monday, Feb 16
Project Due (optional demo) Wednesday, Feb 18

For the project plan , I want you to think about what is going to be involved in the project and set goals for the three deadlines (2/12, 2/16, and 2/18). A word to the wise -- you should plan to have your implementation finished by 2/16, so that you can test, debug, and document for the last two days. You probably need to build time into your plan to figure out how to do some things that we haven't done yet in class. That includes arrays, but they're a special case, in that we will be spending some time on those in class.