Homework Guidelines

CSSE 120: Fundamentals of Software Development I
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
Winter term, 2003-2004

The following rules apply to all homework in this course.

  1. Late homework will generally not be accepted.

  2. In all written work, your answer must be legible, should be clear yet concise, and should avoid distracting errors like spelling errors.

  3. Answer all questions to the best of your ability. You will generally obtain partial credit (at least) if you:
    • Write down a serious attempt to solve the problem, or
    • Briefly explain why you cannot solve the problem. (What, specifically, is it you do not understand, or do not know how to do?)

  4. The written part of the homework is generally designed to take no more than 30 minutes, once you have done the reading. If you find that you often need substantially more time, please see an instructor or assistant.

  5. There is generally an online quiz on the reading, to be done as part of the homework.