Key ideas from today's session

  1. Example of the design of a computational community
    • Word Games, StringTransformers

  2. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
    • Compiling and executing (running) a program: syntax versus semantics
    • Correcting compile-time errors
    • Correcting run-time errors

Outline of today's activities

  1. [1 minute] Contact before work.

  2. [20 minutes] Review, answer questions, and discuss homework and quiz

  3. [25 minutes] An example of designing a computational community: Word Games. Implementing StringTransformers.
    • Instructor: don't bog down in this discussion. Keep the discussion swift, clear, and at a high level.

  4. [3 minutes] Interlude

  5. [40 minutes] JavaEyes, Part 2

  6. [11 minutes] JavaEyes, Part 3
    • Finish as homework

  7. [5 minutes] Summary and What's Ahead