Class Notes for Day 1

CSSE 120: Fundamentals of Software Development I
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
Winter term, 2003-2004

Key ideas from today's session

  1. What is a computer program?

  2. What are the parts of a program? How are they put together?

  3. Two kinds of computation: instruction-followers and computational communities.

  4. What kinds of questions does a program designer ask?

  5. Object-oriented concepts (brief introduction)

  6. Interactive control loops (in Chapter 1 reading)

  7. The development cycle (in Chapter 1 reading)

Outline of today's activities

  1. [2 minutes] Contact before work

  2. [15 minutes] Introduce the course

  3. [5 minutes] Name-learning activity to introduce groupwork

  4. [30 minutes] Introduce object-oriented concepts by role play

  5. [3 minutes] Interlude

  6. [20 minutes] Introduce instruction-followers by drawing a picture

  7. [10 minutes] Introduce computational communities

  8. [18 minutes] Introduce designing a computational community by designing a baseball team

  9. [2 minutes] Summarize and assign homework

  10. [0 minutes (as time permits)] Discuss class mechanics further as desired