Homework 1

CSSE 120: Fundamentals of Software Development I
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
Winter term, 2003-2004

Describe the division of responsibility and coordination of activities among the entities at a major airport.

  • In doing so, address the four key questions:
    1. What is the desired behavior of the system?
    2. Who are the entities who interact to produce this behavior?
    3. How do these entities interact?
    4. What goes inside each entity (how does it work)?

  • Your answer need not be complete but must address each of the above questions at least somewhat. Your answer should occupy about one-half to one page, single-spaced. You may express some of your answer as a UML class diagram (as you saw in class), if you wish.

  • For questions (c) (How do these entities interact?) and (d) (What goes inside each entity (how does it work)?), pick just two or three entities to discuss.

  • As with all written work for this course, your answer must be legible, should be clear yet concise, and should avoid distracting errors like spelling errors.